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Meet these female-run, locally owned businesses at our She Sells Market this Friday, Sept 13, and Saturday, Sept 14. Click here for event details.

Kimberley : Hidden Pawtential

“After ten years working as a Trainer and Zookeeper in the zoo and aquarium industry, I became very passionate about mental enrichment for all animals under human care. I am also passionate about conservation of the earth and waste/plastic reduction. When I returned to training dogs and cats I brought those passions with me.”

Claire : Unbelts

“After living in China from 2008 to 2014, I noticed the disparity between
the reputation “made in China” products commonly had and the quality and skills of the craftspeople I was encountering there on a regular basis. I launched Unbelts in 2011 with a focus on human-scale manufacturing, living wages and responsible consumption.”

Love Thy Planet

“We are a Mother and Son team, plus our other family members of course, helping to provide an alternative choice to reduce disposables by supplying reusable straws, storage bags, lids, and more. Call us ambitious because we are. We would like to make a difference in this world. Mother Nature is calling for it.”

Yoana : Armadillo Leather Handbags

“Ready for a life change moving from Colombia to Canada like an Armadillo migrating from South America to North America, I decided to start my own business when I saw a gap in the market for leather goods that were high quality, well priced, and unique against mass production.”

Vanessa : Jack 59

“I became inspired to create healthy bath & body products to improve the well-being of my family and lifestyle. I believe in using the highest quality ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible. I am passionate about reducing waste – My focus is zero waste, sulfate free, salon quality shampoo and conditioner bars.”

Sasha : SimplySashaC

“I was inspired to create SimplySashaC after learning how to heal and recharge my body with natural essential oils. We strive to create sustainable and environmentally friendly products, by using only 100% pure, natural, and plant-based, vegan and organic ingredients.”

Lisa : Lasting Moments Co.

“I am the founder, designer, photographer, maker, shipper etc. I created LMCo to allow me to watch my babies grow, while still filling that creative part. I originally started designing planners as a purely personal thing. It has grown to collaborative planners, desk calendars, greeting cards, party items as well as home decor.”

Trisha: Fizzy Funtastics

Fizzy Funtastics was born from a deep interest in creating, making memories and a love for kids. Her handmade and unique products include bath bomb kits, lip balm kits, soap, whipped body butter, lotion, and bath bombs.

Karen : Knotty Beads Design

“I started designing jewelry about 2 years ago to give me a peaceful meditative focus after being ill. As I went along in the process, it excelled into what I am designing along with the amazing support of my husband. I design with Gemstone beads like garnets, variety of quartz and other bead sources.”

Brene : Sweet Three Designs

“Sweet Three Designs was created when I was watching my three daughters creating slime to sell at school to their friends. I loved the way they came together in my kitchen to work on their slime but wasn’t fond of the mess. I asked them if they wanted to create a little company and make earrings to sell and they were beyond excited over the idea.”

Kristin : Local Artist

“I am a prairie girl who just loves to paint. I am inspired by the things I am surrounded by – landscapes, wildlife, livestock and flowers. In the rest of my life, I am a wife and busy Mom to the most wonderful family.”

Katie : All Decked Out Events

“I’ve always had a passion for bringing people together and have been lucky enough to plan/host multiple events over the past 15 years. I began working at The Makers Keep which has given me amazing opportunity to expand my business creating fun cheeky items to sell, while running all inventory operations which has led me to meeting incredible people who inspire me daily.”

Erinn Evans : Local Artist

“I took my first Encaustics course a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. It then took another course on doing pet portraits that really inspired me. I love animals, bold colours, and patterns which is reflected in my paintings.”

Jojo : Mojojo Pickles

A former Photographer Darkroom Technician and Photographic Archivist,  Johwanna made the switch to full-time pickling in 2011. Mojo Jojo Pickles has expanded to include many creative acidified and spirited preserved foods from pickles to ketchup,  jelly, relish and shrubs.  

Marion : Prairie Poly

Prairie Poly is a jewelry collection designed by Marion Mendoza, handcrafted out of polymer clay. Each piece is intricately created, then baked in the oven at a low temperature, which results in a durable, waterproof and lightweight material.

Rebekah : Knotted Tops

“As a proud mother of two littles, my kids are the inspiration and are the whole reason I started Knotted Tops. The Knotted Top is a headband created with a wide band and a beautiful bow on top. The knot can also be undone and retied to accommodate your ever growing child.”

Chelsea : Daylestar Designs

“I have lived in Alberta my whole life, and in Edmonton for the past 20 years. I started Daylestar Designs as an outlet for my creativity and self improvement. As a mom of a child with sensory processing issues, I continually challenge myself to learn more; I love discovering new fabrics and items that can bring a smile to a child’s face.”

Julie : Luv 2 Build Crafts

“I absolutely LOVE what I do. I never dreamt I would some day have a little store which is something I always wished for, but here I am! Each one of my products is well thought over and made from the bottom of my heart. I make play gyms, pacifier clips, teething rattles, and teething necklaces. All with customizable options to fit exactly your taste.”

Melissa : The Littlest Nugget

Melissa Deck (left) is the creator of The Littlest Nugget. If she is not spending time at home with her 2 year old son, her husband and puppy, she is crafting. Always into new ventures such as cake decorating, sewing, and now nail art signs, Melissa likes to stay busy. She has teamed up with All Decked Out Events and the two of them make a great duo!

Jodi : Brushstrokes by Jodi

Brushstrokes by Jodi is a business by women for women. BBJ began as a side-hustle/creative outlet many years ago and it seemed like a distant dream to transform it into what it has become. We are entirely home based, so I can work from home and raise my family like I have always wanted, all while chasing my entrepreneurial dreams! Who could ask for more?! 

Amy & Jason : Sand and Pine Designs

“With Jason’s graduated Carpenter skills, our creativity and my knowledge of markets we aim to Be seen at the Market. Each design we create is carefully measured, sanded and then designed! Each tile is sanded, painted/stained. Every tile is pine, of course! We love to make other creative signs with verses, quotes or just a fun word.

Cynthia : Glass Earth Inc

“My name is Cynthia Booth and I’m a horticulturalist.  My main passions in life are plants and people.  I’ve been working with plants and studying them for nearly 30 years. My main goal is to bring the passion I have for plants to the people, to teach them how to take care of them and gain the same happiness that I have found being in their presence!”

Christine : Mon Amour

It all started when a hopeless romantic received the most incredible rose bouquet from her lover, only to find that those blooms that had blossomed so beautifully met its demise only days later. She traveled the world to find the most beautiful and most vibrant roses and made it her mission to make those roses last. All Mon Amour arrangements are carefully curated by floral design specialists to leave a lasting impression. We believe love and care should be placed into every product to ensure quality is of the highest standards and your finished product is one of a kind.

Lisa : Clever Arrow

“This budding business only grew after our son, Nash, was born in 2014. After moving back home to Stony Plain in 2015, I began attending handmade markets and selling my items in various consignment stores around Edmonton. I’m not your average stay-at-home-mom/oilfield wife… Nope. I am Clever Arrow.”

Loft Designs

“I have always enjoyed creating from a computer and making lists and planning is a great passion of mine! The joy and kindness you can bring others from having a simple calendar is priceless to me. All my products have been designed with giving back in mind. 10% of all proceeds of all products is donated to Canadian charities assisting families coping with miscarriage and loss. “

Sophie : DiveThru

After experiencing a life altering panic attack, she was forced to face her past and ongoing struggles with mental health. This event led her to establish DiveThru in 2018.

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