Space for Non-Profit Groups

Kingsway is pleased to offer complimentary common area space to non-profit groups. To accommodate as many different groups as possible, fundraising, awareness and information displays may be showcased for a maximum of one week per year (subject to availability).


  • Groups must have a registered, government-issued non-profit number
  • All funds collected must be for the benefit of the registered organization

Application Process

  • A written application must be submitted two weeks prior to the date(s) requested.


  • A temporary lease for common space will be drawn, and details will be executed as soon as the application is approved.
  • Upon approval of your application, we will require Insurance Certificate for Liability Coverage. Insurance policy must have exclusive limits of not less than $5 million unless otherwise outlined in your lease agreement.

For more information or to book your space, please contact Diane Salame at (780) 378-6313 or via email.

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