The brilliance of Kingsway Parking

Parking at Kingsway Mall is free of charge. We have over 3,900 parking stalls for your convenience, plus 45 disabled parking stalls, 40 delivery stalls, 7 new mother stalls and 2 taxi pickup locations for your convenience. Please note that parking is reserved for Kingsway Mall shoppers only, and that parking to go offsite is not permitted.

Metro Line

The LRT is now up and running with service to Kingsway/Royal Alex and Nait

During peak travel times avoid the congestion by using Public Transit or one of these alternate travel routes:

Taxi Service Provider

At Co-op Taxi – making your life easier is important to us. That’s why our computer system will allow you to book a taxi 24 hours a day, up to 6 months in advance.

By booking a taxi, you can relax knowing that one of those items on your ‘to do list’ has been handled; your taxi is on the way! We gladly take bookings from any private address.

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