This holiday season, Kingsway is proud to present CHROMAYEG, an interactive art installation that will be taking over the centre until December 24. CHROMA is an immersive art collective, curated by PARK,  featuring local artists and creators at four locations throughout the centre, in addition to the murals located on the upper level as a part of the Kingsway Mural Project. See the map below to find all of the CHROMA installations and Murals throughout the centre.
*All ages are welcome to visit the immersive art collective, however children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Oplandia – CHROMA Room

“Emphasizing the interplay between shape and form, my artwork draws upon combinations of geometric abstraction, expressive brush strokes and figuration. As bold patterns emerge from textile-like blockings of colour, layers weave and fold together as an intricate tapestry of who we are – here, there, then and now. Painting on canvas and walls, I am inspired by people, culture, design and matters of the heart. Experimenting with techniques of mark making, washes, large brush strokes and spray, I seek ways to translate colour into emotion, considering the relationship between place, experience and the significance of connection.”

Knit Bricks – Santa Set

“In designing this lego wall and vinyl flooring I took inspiration from the patterning of a holiday sweater. I wanted to create a design that could be used outside the holiday season, As this display will live on after Santa departs for the North Pole. I achieved this by using a winter like colour palette, and avoiding specific holiday motifs. The design of the floor decal and the pattern of the lego-like wall is also meant to naturally draw you towards it with its shapes which point towards the center of the wall.”

Chroma Pillars – Centre Court

CHROMA Pillars by Hayley Wright

Meet the Artists

Michelle Hoogveld is a Canadian painter and muralist, working with private collectors, designers, and in public spaces internationally. Known primarily for her vibrant use of colour, Michelle’s work is inspired by who we are as people, the places we encounter and the connections we form with others. Featuring compositions of geometric, figurative and abstracted elements, Michelle’s work continues to explore human emotion and its relationship to our surroundings. With experience working in Canada, the United States, Peru, Mexico, Germany, Portugal and England, Michelle is rapidly making her mark incorporating visual art into urban spaces. Her portfolio includes Lululemon, The City of Calgary, the CMLC, Barry’s Bootcamp, PARK (CHROMA YYC and CHROMA YEG), The Calgary Stampede Dream Home, and several commissions both locally and abroad.
Instagram: @michellehoogveld

Rhys Douglas Farrell is an emerging artist living and working in Calgary, Alberta. He was signed with the Herringer Kiss Gallery when still a student and his first solo show was named by Canadian Art Magazine as a “Must See”. Farrell has completed a number of public art projects with the Telus Spark Science Center, Beltline Urban Mural Project, the City of Calgary and a number of private commissions. His work has been aggressively collected by private and corporate collections alike and he recently completed three international residencies with Pinea & Linea De Costa A.I.R program in Spain, Graniti Murales in Sicily and the TARP Program in Kuala Lumpur with Taksu Gallery.
Instagram: @itsxyz

Tyler Lemermeyer is an illustrator and artist living and working in Calgary, Alberta. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the school formally known as ACAD well as a Diploma in Digital Design from Vancouver Film School.  Lemermeyer primarily works as an illustrator/designer creating work for a variety of different clients. When working on his own artistic practice he creates compositions using a minimal colour palette which document urban environments, people, and objects, drawing inspirations from the world that surrounds him. Though the majority of Lemermeyer’s work is created digitally, his preferred medium is a sketchbook and ink because it allows him to be able to create work virtually anywhere. He also enjoys the speed and simplicity of making artwork with minimal materials. Lemermeyer style is continually evolving where he is looking to find balance between abstraction and realism. He loves working large-scale and in the public sphere and hopes to have the opportunity to create more public art in the future.
Instagram: @lemermeyer_

Hayley Wright is a freelance figurative oil painter and skate-deck designer, currently based in Edmonton, Alberta. She runs Paper + Ink, and is also captain of The Skateboard Collective, creating custom skateboards and longboards. Fresh out of art school and armed with a diploma in Fashion Marketing, she began creating fine art illustrations, combining unusual materials to craft striking compositions. Hayley became known for her juxtapositions of light vs. dark, ethereal vs. somber. In summer of 2016, she had the idea to take her artwork off gallery walls, and bring it into the 3-D world by putting her artwork on skateboards for the first time. The Skateboard Collective was born overnight, and she’s been creating ever since. Hayley’s work has been featured on CTV and Global News; CBC Radio; the Edmonton Journal (twice!) and FLARE Magazine. She has also been fortunate to work with many local businesses, as well as larger companies, such as FIDO, VICE Media, SONY Music, Urban Decay, and La Maison Simons.
Instagram: @paperinkart

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