Posted On 21.02.2020

Winter Warmth

All the snow we’ve been getting lately is an unfriendly reminder that winter isn’t over yet! We want to help you stay warm for the rest of this chilly season, so we’ve got recommendations if you need to get yourself a new winter coat, or if you want to grab one during the end-of-season sales to be prepared for next winter. Keep reading below to see our recommendations for coats and cold weather accessories that will keep you warm while making sure you still look good!


Parkas are the classic go-to coat for keeping warm in the winter, and are the best choice for when we get those deep-freeze cold snaps. Check out the parkas below as proof that you can keep cozy and warm while still looking refreshingly cool.

Shop parkas here.

Dress Coats

The cold never bothered you anyway! Don’t let the winter season keep you locked up indoors – you’ve got places to go, and people to see! Formal events don’t come to an end just because the snow falls, so we’ve got some dressier styles that will compliment your stylish outfits while you head out for a night on the town this winter.

Shop dress coats here.

Puffer Coat

The one and only puffer coat, taking the world by storm. This style is unavoidable, so you might as well join in on the fashion fun! These coats will keep you up to date on this latest wintry trend, while still allowing you to stand out with the variety of unique takes on this look.

Shop puffer coats here.

Winter Accessories

Don’t forget about your fingers, ears, and neck! While your coat will do a great job of keeping your body warm, you’ll need some winter accessories to keep you fully covered. Check out these stylish winter necessities that will go with any coat you choose.

Shop gloves here, hats here, and scarves here.

With these items you’ll be able to stay warm without sacrificing your style!

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