Posted On 10.10.2019

Thanksgiving in Style

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Kingsway has just what you need if you’re throwing a big feast this long weekend to celebrate the holiday! Whether you’re in charge of the delicious dessert, the savoury main course, or setting a beautiful table for everyone to sit at and enjoy their holiday meal, Kingsway has you covered.


If you’re the one in charge of serving up some tasty treats for dessert, you’ll want to check out these products to assist you in the process.

SHOP HERE The Source Modern Homes 5 Piece Easy Storage Baking Set – $59.99; SHOP HERE The Source Brentwood 5-Speed Electric Hand Mixer Lightweight – $27.99; SHOP HERE Things Engraved Venice Cake & Knife Serving Set – $64.99 $49.99


If you’re in charge of the main dish, or even a side dish this year, these gadgets will be sure to help you get the food to the table with ease!

SHOP HERE The Source Ecohouzng 6 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker – $139.99; SHOP HERE The Source Cuisinart Elite Collection 12-Cup (3L) Food Processor – $399.99; SHOP HERE The Source Brentwood 7-Inch Electric Carving Knife – $34.99; SHOP HERE Things Engraved Mango Wood Cutting Board – $59.98


If you were tasked with creating a beautifully decorated table from which to enjoy the delicious food and give thanks, you’ll definitely want to check out these products that will serve as a great addition.

SHOP HERE Things Engraved Set of 4 Balloon Wine Glasses – $59.99; SHOP HERE H&M Carafe en Verre Transparent – $19.99; SHOP HERE Things Engraved Splendido 12.75oz White Wine Glass – $16.99 $11.99

SHOP HERE H&M Nappe en Coton Rayee – $34.99; SHOP HERE H&M Nappe en Lin Lave – $59.99

Kingsway’s Thanksgiving weekend hours are…

Saturday, October 12th – 9:30AM – 6PM
Sunday, October 13th – 11AM-5PM
Monday, October 14th – 11AM-5PM

…so you can come in and buy any last-minute items you may need for hosting your Thanksgiving celebration!

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