Posted On 10.03.2020

Spring Cleaning

It’s nearly spring time, which also means it’s time for the daunting task of spring cleaning. Whether you’re looking to downsize and reorganize your space, or you’re just needing to give your home a proper deep clean, we’ve got the tips and tools you’ll need to transform your home!


You’ve likely heard the name Marie Kondo in the past year, as her art of tidying up became a trend across the world. People went through their belongings in every room of their home, picking up items and asking themselves, Does this bring me joy? If you’re looking to declutter and downsize any or every room in your home, you’ll want this handy guide alongside you on your journey!

IndigoSpirit The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo – $19.99

Pantry Organization

The nice thing about a pantry is that it has doors to hide your mess. The downside to this, is that it allows you to neglect the disorganization of your pantry. If you find your pantry looking so chaotic that you often have trouble seeing what’s even in there upon first glance, you’re not alone! We’ve got just the tools you need to keep your pantry organized.

Living Space

It can sometimes be difficult to keep your main living space tidy and organized while still looking cozy and aesthetically pleasing. This can especially be a challenge if you don’t have shelving available to utilize. With baskets, trays, and magazine racks, it’ll be easy to keep your blankets, books, and trinkets tucked away.

Shelf Organization

It can be easy to just pile objects on a shelf in an effort to keep them out of the way, but after a while that just leads to your shelving units looking unkempt. Use these cute boxes to keep your shelving units organized, and to hide away items to minimize the appearance of clutter!

Closet Organization

Closet so full and overcrowded that you can’t even see half the clothes you own? Are your shoes just strewn about your closet floor? Do you keep seeing your off-season clothes and feeling bummed that you can’t wear them for months? Check out these products to keep your closet organized, and put your off-season clothing safely away into storage until it’s time to bring it out again!

Shop home organization products here.


These products and tools will be essential in helping you combat the dust bunnies living under your sofa, and freshening up your living space. When you’re done, you can kick back and relax, and breathe in that fresh clean smell.

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