Posted On 02.03.2020

International Women’s Day

We’re celebrating International Women’s Day by celebrating our female Store Managers, Entrepreneurs and Administration staff at Kingsway. Stay tuned on our social media channels throughout the week as we’ll be highlighting one female a day and sharing their story on what it’s like for women in business.

Katrina Petryshyn – Owner and Founder of the Makers Keep

The Makers Keep is a local collective boutique that showcases work from over 200+ makes from Alberta and Canada. I saw a need for a retail store that could sell locally made products on behalf of makers. I had that idea and decided I was going to start the Makers Keep.

Q: How do you support other women in business?

A: About 80% of our vendors are female run businesses, and not intentionally, but all of our staff at the Makers Keep are female. With the makers, most of them are moms or have struggled before with being female in the business industry. I always try to leave my door open to anyone looking for advice or help.

Q: Why is it important for women to be in business?

A: I think it should just be an even playing field with the sexes. Women have just as much right to be out of the house and starting their own business as much as men do. I think we have a lot of knowledge to give, and women are also great multitaskers!

Q: What advice would you give to anyone starting their own business?

A: Just do it. It’s not easy and I’m sure everyone says that, but the rewards are worth it. Always have a good support group and plan to always do things by yourself. Also, dream big and don’t limit yourself. If you try it and fail, use it as a learning experience and move forward.

Tammy Ma – Owner and Manager at Keravie Lash Loft

My name is Tammy and I’m the owner and manager of Keravie Lash Loft. I’ve been a lash artist for over 7 years and I started Keravie because I was looking for an opportunity to bring together a team to teach the knowledge that I learned during my career as a lash artist.

Q: What is your favourite part about owning a business?

A: My favourite part about owning my own business is getting to work with amazing skilled individuals in my team. I also love being able to teach others and pass along my knowledge to the other team members.

Q: Why is it important for women to be in business?

A: It’s important for women to be in business as it allows other women to see that and believe that they have an opportunity to be in that position too.

Q: How do you support other women?

A: That’s a great actually because at Keravie we do a lot of collaboration and partnerships on social media and with other businesses at Kingsway. We often work with Glass Earth and cross promote each others businesses all the time.

Tamara Babich – Store Manager at Bootlegger

My name is Tamara and I’ve worked at Bootlegger for over 15 years and 30 years in the retail industry. I am the main point of contact between our Head Office at our Kingsway store. Most of our staff are women, and I encourage them to become amazing ambassadors for the company, and more importantly, for themselves.

Q: What do you love the most about your job?

A: My favourite part about my job is making women feel empowered and confident through fashion.

Q: How do you celebrate each others achievements?

A: We recognize our associates through team events, written/verbal acknowledgements and community involvement. We love volunteering with organizations within the community such as the Edmonton Food Bank, the Lois Hole hospital and more.

Q: How do you support other women?

A: We provide encouragement and kindness to our shoppers everyday. I try to build self-esteem through fashion and support from our associates. I think that it’s really important, especially as women, to know that we have value.

Q: How will you help forge a gender equal world?

A: By continuing to promote gender equality in and out of the workplace. I am very proud of myself and Bootlegger for giving equal opportunities to all of our employees. They provide us with the right tools and opportunity of advancement within Bootlegger.

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