Posted On 29.04.2020

Happy at Home with Katrina

Today, in our Happy at Home series, we’re thrilled to hear from Katrina Petryshyn, owner of The Maker’s Keep. We’re so proud to have The Maker’s Keep as a member of the Kingsway family, and we’re inspired by how she’s spending her days at home working on her business while entertaining her kids.

My name is Katrina Petryshyn and I own The Makers Keep. We’re a collective boutique showcasing the best handcrafted goods from a community of local makers. We are lucky enough to call Kingsway Mall home to one of our store locations.

Katrina and her dog, Kinky.

Within the first week of this pandemic, I realized that things weren’t going back to normal any time soon and came to the conclusion that for my business to ensue this weird time, I needed to pivot — and pivot we did! Within a couple of short weeks, I managed to set up a full-blown online store.

Drink with personality with one of these mugs from The Makers Keep.

Building an online store from scratch meant a lot of learning, experimenting and lots of time. Time which for me was limited, as I am now trying to entertain two small kids AND work full time. I work mostly at night when everyone is asleep.

So what does my new normal look like?

We live in a cul-da-sac so the boys can just ride out front safety. It also makes for a huge canvas for chalk art! This week was Zavier’s 5th Birthday so we decorated the whole road!

If we aren’t outside playing, you can find us inside doing puzzles and crafting. My kids love to craft, I basically forced them into loving it. (Sorry, not sorry) We paint, colour, build things with clay and Play-Doh, cut and glue….you name it, we’ve done it. Right now we have been beading fun bracelets to send to the boys’ friends. If you’re looking for a great, kid friendly beading kit, we have some on our website.

Little Fingers Jewellery Making Kit – $25

Lego is also a staple toy around here. The boys love Lego Duplo because they can do it together – it is so fun watching their imaginations run wild! Lately, I have made a point to really play with my boys, and something I’ve learned from watching them play is how inventive and creative they are. Kids are cool!

Playing with Lego.

When my amazing and supportive husband Dave gets home from work, I usually disappear to get some work done. We try to eat dinner every night as a family and then I either head to my office for a night of emails or I make rounds to my stores. When I do rounds, I will go gather up products for orders, package orders, and get everything ready for delivery.

Once everything is packed up and ready, I do my contactless deliveries the following day. This is where it gets fun! I pack lunches, snacks, drinks, movies, toys, a little potty and a change of clothes (because you never know) and the boys and I load up my minivan (yes, I drive a mom van and I love it) and we head out for a day of delivering orders!

This is just a snapshot of what my new normal looks like. Of course, it’s had its challenges, but it’s also kind of amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I miss a lot of people, places, especially interacting with my customers in my stores, but for now, I am genuinely “Happy at Home”!

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