Posted On 10.05.2019

Denim on Denim

Double Denim can make you look super trendy with a touch of rad and edgy so, whether it is your first time hearing about this trend or the millionth, we are sure to make you wanna try this trend out pronto! But first, here are few DO’s and DON’Ts of wearing Denim.

Forever 21: Floral Print Cropped Denim Jacket $34.90

DO play with different shades of denim
DON’T wear denim accessories
DO wear darker shades of denim to appear more lean and slender
DON’T wear the same wash/shade of denim from head to toe
DO wear old distressed jeans to add an element of chic
DON’T end up looking like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears circa 2001 (Google Justin-Britney denim for reference) we definitely aren’t trying to bring sexy back with that look ….


H&M: Pants Skinny Fit $24.99, Tie-Hem Denim Shirt $29.99, Paper Straw Sun Hat $22.99

If you are too scared to wear denim with denim a nice way to ease into it is by pairing your denim with a classic pair of white pants. Its classy and tasteful and will allow you to wear more denim eventually.

Level 1

Forever 21: Chambray Bell Sleeve Top $33.90, Cuffed Denim Shorts $19.90, Faux Suede Strappy Block Heels

At this point you are willing to experiment and kind of try on something a little out of your comfort zone but not completely. This next look will give you the best of both comfort & style.

The Intermediate

ARDENE: Flounced Off Shoulder top $21.90, Denim paper Bag Culottes $34.90, Classic Bandana $2.90

So now you have got a hang of this and you are ready to step it up a notch! Try wearing different cuts and patterns in denim, whether it is an off the shoulder or strapless denim top you can totally rock it with a pair of culottes!

The Expert

Forever 21: Light Wash Distressed Denim Jacket $49.90, Dark Wash Distressed Denim Jacket $33.99

Not only are you ready to experiment, you are actually at the level where you aren’t afraid to be judged for your fashion choices! You are taking risks and you aren’t afraid to wear denim with everything denim but of course staying subtle at the same time.

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