Posted On 14.08.2020

Class in Session: Your Back-to-School Guide

While we’re spending more time indoors, it’s essential to create an environment that encourages learning, fosters creativity and inspires a positive space for growth, whether that’s inside the classroom, online or homeschooling.

Set Up For Success

At Home

Whether you’re taking online classes or homeschooling, consider creating a workstation in your home. As inviting as the couch (or bed!) may be, putting together a dedicated study space will create an environment that helps you focus and work comfortably. Think bins or baskets to keep things organized, photographs, or artwork to add a personal touch, plants for some greenery, and a desktop planner to keep you on track. Here are a few ideas to help you create the perfect personalized set-up at home.

If you’re a Minimalist…

Streamlined, functional, and multi-purpose items are important to your style aesthetic. Lean into your less-is-more philosophy with these picks.


If you’re a Maximalist…

You love colour and have never met a print you didn’t like. Embrace your love of bold with this playful selection.


At School

For those returning to the classroom, here are a few ways to stay safe, along with key items to help you navigate your school day safely and successfully.

Make your List – and check it twice:

● Water bottle: We’re calling it BYOWB – bring your own water bottle. Luckily, there are plenty of designs to choose from to reflect your vibe and personality.

● Lunch essentials: A cute and spacious reusable lunch bag lets you store your meal and stash your snacks. Be sure to pack your own reusable cutlery, too, for easy access and an eco-friendly, zero-waste lunch.

● School supplies: Pencils, markers, highlighters and sticky notes will ensure you start off the school year in top form. Keep them together in a pencil pouch so you can reach for them with ease.

● Mask: As masks become a part of the new normal, be sure to wear one and have one to spare – just in case! Click here to see which retailers sell reusable masks.

● Hand Sanitizer: Stow away this hygiene essential in your pocket or backpack.


Curbside Pick-up

For your convenience, you can also pick up your online or telephone orders curbside from participating retailers or restaurants. Click here for more info.

Whatever the school year ahead holds – a return to classrooms or remote learning – we want to help you ease back in safely and comfortably. That means equipping you with the things you need so you can focus on the important stuff.

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