Posted On 09.09.2020

Brow Lamination at Keravie Lash Loft

What is a brow lamination? A brow lamination is essentially a brow lift. How it works is that it redirects the direction of brow hairs so that it gives the eyebrows a fuller and fluffier look! This look is achieved by using a treatment that is similar to lash lifting that lasts 4-8 weeks and eliminates the hassle of filling them every day. After the brow lamination, your brows will be left looking picture-perfect; they will look thicker, straighter, and more full, giving you your ideal brow.

The Brow Lamination Process

  1. The treatment begins with an in-depth consultation that went over the process of the treatment, the style and look desired for the eyebrows and any other questions or concerns. 
  1. A barrier cream is put around the eyes to protect the edges around the eyebrows to keep any unwanted colour from the tint or serum from the treatment.
  1. A  lift adhesive is applied to the eyebrows to help treat them into place and align the hairs in an upward direction. 
  1. A setting solution is placed on the brows in order to process the hairs and ensure they stay in the desired place.
  1. Next, the artist maps the brows to ensure proper shape and waxes the brows to get rid of any unwanted hair. Keravie uses a hard wax which definitely lessens the pain of waxing because it only adheres to the hair and not the skin. 
  1. Tinting the brows is the next step to give them a bold finished look.
  1. The GEL Organic Lash and Brow Botox is applied to nourish and hydrate the brow hairs.
  1.  A setting oil is then applied that helps keep the lamination in place and keep the brows in the direction that was achieved during the treatment.
Brow Lamination — Before and After


Keravie uses a safer brow treatment without some of the harsh chemicals that other studios use. That being said, with any treatment like this where adhesives are being applied to the brows aftercare is extremely important to hydrate the brows in order to maintain the lift. The GEL Keratin Lash and Brow Mascara are recommended for aftercare to nourish and strengthen your brow hairs after treatment. It also helps to style them too for an added bonus!

Keravie Lash Loft is located on the upper level near the Hudson’s Bay. They specialize in GEL Keratin lash lifts and lash extensions. Make your appointment here.

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