Posted On 14.08.2019

Boreal Bridges by Steven Teeuwsen

Edmonton-based artist Steven Teeuwsen has recently completed the ninth art mural of the Kingsway Mural Project. Made possible through a partnership with Rust Magic, Steven presents Boreal Bridges, a massive piece spanning over fifty feet in length.

The mural features drawings of a bear, fish, woman, owl, and a deer in a cubist-inspired style showcasing intersecting lines and shared shapes. The background of the mural shows a variety of organic illustrations with intricate details of leaves to contrast with the bold portraits in the foreground.

In Steven’s own words: “The Boreal Forest covers over 57% of Alberta and 58% of Canada. It is integral to our ecology and our collective conscious. This mural is meant to remind us of this connection.”

You can find this mural on the second level of Kingsway in front of Sunrise Records.

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