Posted On 23.10.2019

2019 Halloween Costume Guide

It’s nearly the most Spooktacular day of the year! If you haven’t found your costume yet, or are in need of some accessories to finish off your look, then you’ll want to check out this costume guide for inspiration so that you can get dressed up, join us for trick-or-treating, and have a scary-good Halloween!

Butterfly Princess

Every girl pretends she is a princess at one point, no matter how little her life is like that. – Alex Flinn

Don your crown, practice your royal wave, and transform yourself into the princess you are with these great pieces!

Enchanting Unicorn

Transform into an enchanting unicorn for the evening with these pieces from H&M. Perfecting the look will be easier than you ever imagined!

Spooky Skeleton

Why didn’t the skeleton dance at the party? He had no body to dance with!

Thanks to Urban Planet and H&M’s great costumes and accessories, dressing up as a skeleton this Halloween is so easy it’s not even funny!


Which witch will you be – a good witch or a bad witch? Whichever witch you choose, you must make sure you have the right pieces to complete your look – don’t be afraid to look outside traditional costume pieces to tie your look together, either! Pairing a corset belt with a black dress is a great way to create the base for your witchy costume this year.  

Onesie Costumes

Is comfort a priority for you on Halloween? We don’t blame you! Sometimes we just want to be at our most comfortable when we’re running around collecting as much candy as we can manage. Luckily, Urban Planet has great onesie costumes for the whole family, so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for a great look this Halloween!

We hope this costume guide will help you complete your look for Halloween this year. Make sure to tag us at @kingswaymall in your photos on social media so we can see your hauntingly fantastic costumes. We can’t wait to see your finished looks next week!

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