The brilliance of Kingsway parking

Parking at Kingsway Mall is free of charge. We have over 3,900 parking stalls for your convenience, plus 45 disabled parking stalls, 40 delivery stalls, 7 new mother stalls and 2 taxi pickup locations for your convenience.

LRT Expansion

For the latest information on the LRT expansion, bulletins and road closures please click here.

Kingsway Mall delivers Edmonton’s first mall green parking spaces.

Kingsway Mall is committed to sustainability and showed it with the addition of prime designated parking for customers with environmentally friendly cars.

We now offer “green” mall parking in celebration of people who drive Smart Cars, Electric or Hybrid cars to Kingsway Mall.

Several school children from 5 Edmonton Public Schools were decked out in special edition Kingsway Green Zone shirts to take part in this new venture and cheer on the latest in Kingsway Mall’s customer initiatives during the unveiling. Each school received a large evergreen tree for planting at their school following the opening.

Green Parking Spaces Green Parking Spaces Green Parking Spaces Green Parking Spaces
  Green Parking Spaces Green Parking Spaces  


Taxi Service Provider

At Co-op Taxi - making your life easier is important to us. That's why our computer system will allow you to book a taxi 24 hours a day, up to 6 months in advance.
By booking a taxi, you can relax knowing that one of those items on your 'to do list' has been handled; your taxi is on the way! We gladly take bookings from any private address.

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